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George J. West & Associates – Rhode Island Immigration Lawyers, Civil and Criminal Trial Attorneys

General practice with years of trial experience in civil and criminal actions, as well as expertise in immigration law

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Founded in 2000, George J. West & Associates now offers a dual-state practice, with offices in Providence, Rhode Island and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The founding partner, who comes from a long-line of prominent attorneys, brings to bear thirty years of experience litigating civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts and helping individuals with a variety of legal needs. Since 2008, the firm’s practice also has focused on immigration law in Rhode Island.


Providence Rhode Island Immigration Lawyers
In addition to a vibrant civil and criminal trial practice, George J. West & Associates has also helped many individuals in RI and MA with  deportation defense so that they may avoid deportation and being excluded from the country.  By vacating pleas and post-conviction relief applications, the attorneys at George J. West & Associates have prevented people from being deported.  The firm also has successfully applied for greencards and visas (including fiance visas) and advance parole as well as naturalization for many clients.
Providence Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers

Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer George J. West successfully settled a large slip-and-fall case through the  R.I. Superior Court arbitration program.

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Providence Rhode Island Wills, Trusts, & Estates Lawyers

Attorney George J. West has helped many clients to set up wills, trusts, and estate planning.

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Providence Rhode Island Divorce, Custody and Prenuptial Agreements Lawyers
Lawyers at George J. West have handled effectively dozens of divorce matters in R.I. and M.A.  The firm represents those seeking to enter into prenuptial agreements, and tries to settle disputes between parting couples, fairly dividing assets and zealously representing clients in custody disputes and child support matters.
Providence Rhode Island Criminal Defense
The criminal lawyers at George J. West & Associates bring over twenty-five years of experience representing clients in the state and federal courts.  Attorney West was named a Rhode Island “SuperLawyer” for the years 2010-2013.  Our lawyers represent clients in all Rhode Island Courts in misdemeanor and felony matters (including DUI, assault, robbery, sexual assault and murder charges), at trial, the plea stage, sentencing, and on appeal.
Providence Rhode Island Criminal Appeals Lawyers

Providence Rhode Island lawyers George J. West & Associates have expertly handled and argued dozens of state and federal criminal and civil trials.  Attorney West was recognized as “Lawyer of the Year” for his superb appellate work which resulted in the R.I. Supreme Court overturning a murder conviction.

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Providence Rhode Island Business Organizations & Corporations Lawyers

George J. West & Associates represents many small and medium-sized businesses in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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Providence Rhode Island Landlord/ Tenant Lawyers

Providence Rhode Island housing and landlord/tenant attorneys George J. West & Associates have extensive experience in the area of landlord/tenant matters and real estate law: including conducting buyer-side and seller-side real estate closings as well as representing several condominium associations in litigation and negotiations.

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